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Training a Cat

Training a Cat, Why do it?

Training a CatSo you are interested in training a cat? Is your cat a problem? Does its kneading become a painful event, does it mess in all the wrong places, does it climb on counters and spread germs, do you have a new kitten or are expecting one soon? We will add to the resources here and point you towards some of our favorite sites (Click here for one example) to help you overcome these problems.

Training a cat is not the same as training a dog because their instincts and behavior patterns are different. it is important to understand these differences if you are to succeed in training your cat.

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Dogs are essentially pack animals and look to the “top dog” for guidance. Training them is very much a matter of being that “top dog” to them. The carrot and stick will work very well but¬† personally I prefer just the carrot. There is no place for sticks in my philosophy. Repetition and reward is the best way. A dog is far more interactive than a cat however and looks on training as a real stimulus and a pleasure.

Cats however are loners by nature in much of their behavior (there are exceptions in the big cat world such as lions) but I always get the impression that in many households multiple cats tolerate each other to a large extent and that tolerance may very well apply to we humans. Treat a cat the wrong way and it may very well pack its bags and go! Click HERE for some great tips.

 Training a Cat. Where to Start

Cats can be easily conditioned however. once again repetition and reward seem to be best. Forget the interactive bit though most of the time. If you already have a cat then you will know a bit of what I mean. Cat comes crying, you feed it. Cat associates actions and will learn that crying results in food. Simple, one well trained human.

So how do we turn this to our advantage? It is important from the start to establish a pattern ie. you do things, such as feeding, when you want, not when you are summoned. Punishment is not how to discipline a cat. Like I said above the cat may just get up and go. In any case in a cats brain they associate the punishment with YOU not with their own actions.

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I look at different techniques with different aims such as training cats to stay off counters on the site and will be adding more as the weeks go on. Please come back regularly to find out more or click HERE for a great book on training a cat.


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