Training Cats To Stay Off Counters

Training Cats To Stay Off Counters, Why and How You Should Do It

Training Cats to Stay off CountersTraining cats to stay off counters is one of the most common problems that the new cat owner has to contend with.  Many people are quite happy for their cat to roam where it wants but personally I would prefer it if ours kept the kitchen counters as no go areas

It is, for me, a hygiene thing because you can guarantee that wherever your cat has been it will have at sometime used a litter tray or been outside. Just ask yourself one thing.

What has my little angel just spread across my food preparation area?

I do know that it might only be Aunt Gertrude coming to visit and she might smell a bit herself but this is no time to polish the old dear off with a bit of food poisoning, even if you know you are in the will!

Cats (Wikipedia) naturally like high spots. These places give them a vantage point from which they can watch out for prey or, in the case of smaller species, predators. This is why our Gracie sits up in places that Mollie struggles to reach so she can avoid “ambush by Persian”.

Now we know the problem then what is the solution?

Training Cats to Stay Off Counters: The answer.

1) Remove ALL temptation. Any food that is enticing to your beloved will only encourage them to venture up. Clear up and particularly cover up or better still hide away any meat or fish products particularly.

2) Make the environment a bit unpleasant for them. Nothing nasty but i have found that our two stopped most of their counter expeditions with regular cleaning and using a strong smelling bleach/disinfectant. Clean counters and cat free too. (I prefer to be really sure by recleaning before using the counters anyway)

3) Make them even more unpleasant (to a cat that is) put something like kitchen foil over the counter while you are out. They hate walking on this and it is a very effective of training cats to stay off counters.

4) It is all a bit easier with a new kitten. Never feed them from the counter, by this I mean if you are preparing meat or carving for

serving then put treats in their dishes. Ignore their pleas because they will soon learn that food comes from counters and not only from dishes.

Cat Deterrant Spray

Cat Deterrant Spray

5) An excellent solution is the SSSCat spray. This device detects the cats movement and emits a harmless spray that soon teaches your cat where they are not allowed. It is readily available at or This system is ideal if you want to be certain that your cat will keep off the counters even when you are not there. It also comes into its own for any area that you want to exclude your cat from.

Training cats to stay off countersneed not be so hard. While cats are not like dogs with their compliance

they are easily conditioned in their behavior. Just be consistent and they will soon learn. An excellent Train Your Cat resource can be found by clicking here.

 Training cats to stay off counters

We will be adding more information on training a cat over the next few months so please come back to check us out again

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